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  • The New Standard: CAFELIER C2

    The New Standard: CAFELIER C2

    When all it takes is a quick ten-second cycle between shots to preserve the carefully crafted flavour profiles, there’s really not much left to discuss, which is why we’ve not only incorporated the CAFELIER C2 into our own set-up...
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  • BELLEZZA –  Quality & Beauty Combined

    BELLEZZA – Quality & Beauty Combined

    Even prior to the events of the last few years (has it been that long already?) when terms like ‘quarantine’ were quickly becoming commonplace, there has been a steadily increasing trend in the sales of high-end coffee equipment for the home...
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  • PUQPRESS PERFECTION - In your own home!

    PUQPRESS PERFECTION - In your own home!

    In a short amount of time, the Puqpress line of automatic tampers have become a staple within cafes across the world; baristas are spared damage to shoulders and wrists from repetitive hand-tamping several hundred times a day, in favour of...
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