Caffe Assist Features

A masterpiece of industrial design, the Caffe Assist monitors the milk profile and temperature during the entire process of heating, steaming and stretching of the milk – in the same way as an experienced barista. This labour-saving technology is programmed by touch screen to ensure an efficient and consistent service that allows for increased positive engagement with customers.
Caffe Assist’s patented steam wand technology promotes full flavour development equally in all milk varieties. Designed to froth all milk variants to perfection, low fat dairy and alternative milk products such as soy and nut milks all display gloss, sweetness and complexity when prepared using Caffe Assist.
The Caffe Assist is self-cleaning – after each cycle the wand retracts inside the machine and passes through a curtain of steam, thoroughly cleaning it in the process. This stops the build-up of milk residue and reduces the risk of carry-over contamination between milk batches – ensuring quality control and consistent flavour every time.
Requiring only a power source to operate, Caffe Assist technology is compatible with all commercial coffee machines, it’s easy to install and has a very low environmental impact making it an ideal addition to existing cafe setup and technology.

Using original technology and contemporary innovation, a Caffe Assist machine neighbours an espresso machine, automating the steaming, frothing and foaming process of milk to perfection.

“Never has there been such perfectly steamed milk, produced with such consistency.”

Caffe Assist is ideal for coffee outlets making more than 50 coffees each day and for operators who experience periods of high demand.

It is well-suited to:

  • Coffee Specialists
  • Single Operators Cafe’s and Restaurants
  • Fast Food Chains and Franchises
  • Coffee Chains
  • Non-Hospitality Franchises offering Coffee

The low-cost point of the Caffe Assist makes it accessible to a wide commercial market.

It improves service delivery, quality and consistency, whilst saving owners time and money and allowing an increased output of coffee with less staff on hand.

Frothing all variants of milk to the quality of an experienced barista, Caffe Assist means never having to sacrifice quality for efficiency.

Perfect milk for the perfect coffee, every time.