Cold Press Coffee Contract Brewing

Looking for Contract Brewing?

BTA and Nitrofusion have teamed up to provide Australia's first end to end contract brewing solution.

Coffee roasters now no longer need to focus on on the process of cold brewing, filling, packing and labelling by outsourcing the entire service to us. In short we specialise in contract manufacturing liquid coffee products using your own branding and labelling.

We also offer a range of nitro coffee equipment to produce Nitro Coffee, Nitro Teas and Espresso Martinis. 


Our Brewing Process


Most people think that all cold coffee is the same, however, this is not true. Most people who try to make cold coffee use either Steeping (Bucket Brewing) or Cold Drip. 

Nitrofusion is one of the only two companies in the world who use cold press equipment to extract the liquid Coffee from the bean. Their process does this at below six degrees - a real Cold Press Coffee. 

What does that mean for your business? Well, this means that you will get a much sweeter, bitter-free liquid coffee extraction with lower water loss and a higher concentration level than any other method.

This process also yields more Liquid Cold Press Coffee per kilogram of coffee beans than any other manufacturing method - guaranteed. With yields of up to 65% higher than steeping or cold drip,  providing you with a superior product at a lower cost. 

Already a Roaster? 

If so, Nitrofusion can use your beans to create a Cold Brew coffee for you. Your roast may need to be adjusted to maximise the flavour, however, one of their expert staff will help at every step of the way.

Anywhere from 100 to 10,000 litres, there's a solution that's right for your business!

Contract Brewing Price Guide

Volume RTD RTDDS 2:1  3:1 4:1
<150L $3.47 $3.81 $4.20 $4.30 $5.38
150-249L $2.95 $3.24 $3.57 $3.66 $4.57
250-499L $2.50 $2.76 $3.03 $3.11 $3.88
500-999L $2.25 $2.48 $2.73 $2.80 $3.50
+1000L $2.03 $2.23 $2.46 $2.52 $3.15


RTD - Ready To Drink

RTDDS - Ready To Drink Double Strength

This price is for brewing only, it does not include packaging and distribution.

Total minimum batch charge is $500.


Filling & Capping Charges

100-500ml = $0.12

1000ml = $0.19

5000ml = $0.25

20000ml = $0.75


Prices are per bottle and we offer discounted rates for high volume orders. 

We cannot fill fresh milk products at this time and this work is subcontracted. 

Packaging cost is additional to the charges listed above. 


Some examples below of packaging.


Please contact us if you are interested in finding out more information or getting a quote on a contract brewing.