Size Matters

Size Matters

So choose your tamp head wisely! 

In order to get the best possible tamp for your coffee basket, you will need to ensure that the gap between the walls of your filter basket and the tamp head are kept to a minimum. 

This is why we recommend that customers measure the inside of their filter baskets in order to choose the correct tamp head size* on their Puqpress.

If this is something you are unable to do, we have some measurements of the XXXX baskets provided by the industries leading espresso machine manufacturers.  

Franke 53.2 mm
Della Courte 54.34 mm
San Marco 54.4 mm
Unic Stella 57.3 mm
Nuova Simonelli 58.3 mm
Wega 58.3 mm
Sanremo 58.3 mm
La Marzocco 58.3 mm

*Puqpress Tamp head sizes are based on commercial application measurements. These sizes as indicated are a guide only. If you are purchasing for domestic machines please ensure that you have correctly measured your filter basket diameter to ensure the most consistent tamp is achieved.