What Our Customers Are Saying

Wolff Coffee Roasters - Brisbane (February 2017)



Barefoot Barista - Gold Coast



Bunker Coffee & Mills Himself - Brisbane. ( Top Rated 2014 Beanhunter )

 "We have been using the Puqpress at John Mills Himself for a week now and I have the following to report. After a brief trial of the Puqpress the decision to purchase one was quite easy. The Puqpress tamps with a consistent and modifiable pressure (10kg-30kg) and tamps flat. It does so with more consistency than our staff which means that we don't have to attempt to match each other and can interchange roles more easily without having to make grind or tamp adjustments. When the coffee itself and it's dose and distribution are consistent, then our shots are consistent, it is as simple as that. We have had no channeling at all since it's introduction. The barista's job is repetitive and physically exhausting. RSI and asymmetrical muscle usage cause problems for almost all baristas who work medium to high hours. Our staff are now noticeably less fatigued after a session on shots. As long as the Puqpress is placed correctly in your workflow the speed of preparation is as fast as manual tamping. The form factor is small and unobtrusive. We have found that the tamp head itself requires a quick wipe with a dry towel or paper towel periodically to keep it free of ground coffee build-up, just as you would wipe a normal tamper. We have been told there are units being used it the real world that have over 300,000 cycles and are still going strong, so hopefully longevity is not an issue. The expense is obviously higher than a normal tamp, but there is also the expense of having to reject shots that channel, reject shots when they run too fast or slow after a barista change, or losing customers when those shots occasionally make it through. Myself and 3 of our staff attend physio or chiropractors for issues that are not helped by our repetitive job, and that too is a serious cost to consider on behalf our staff, as well as being morally and ethically the best thing to do for them. A lot of barista's will decry the loss of the art of coffee making. Meanwhile the progressive among us are looking for every way possible to make consistent those things that can be done better by a technology such as this. As I said, it was an easy decision for me, and Bunker Coffee (our other cafe) will be getting it's Puqpress shortly."




Patricia Coffee Brewers - Melbourne ( Beanhunter Rank #3 ) 

"We find It increases consistency and efficiency with much less stress on your body & wouldn't be without one now we have been using Puqpress for over 12 months"



Rueben Hills - Surry Hills, Sydney 
I just wanted to say that the Puqpress has been a revelation at Reuben hills. With an ease of service and accuracy we have not been able to reach before with manual tamping we have been recommending them to our partners and clients. 
Best regards,
Nick Theodore
Roasting & Sourcing

Evo Espresso - Brisbane

"I installed the PuqPress initially on a trial basis, predominantly as a measure to introduce greater consistency across a number of baristas but also to try to reduce the possibility of recurrent RSI type injuries in the workplace. Once we'd worked out the best setting for us, it was almost impossible for us to go back to our manual tamping methods. Extractions are more consistent; I can pull more body, depth and flavour from every shot and there has definitely been a positive affect on my customer base. The Press is easy to use and integrates seamlessly into our workflow, and has reduced the time it takes to produce espresso based drinks. In short, it's one of the best non essential pieces of equipment I've purchased since opening my business 9 years ago.

Steve Drew.