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Tamper Base Head Q1/Q2/M1/M2


Puqpress Tamp Head New Design

For Optimum Tamping results, Please order specific Tamp Head Size.

Please Note Piston Ring is Not included. Order separately if required.

Please choose the correct piston head for your Puqpress.

La Marzocco
58.3 mm
Della Corte 54.34 mm
Franke 53.2 mm
Sanmarco 54.34 mm
IMS Filter Basket 58.34 mm
Pullman Filter Basket 58.5 mm
VST Filter Basket 58.34 mm
Sanremo 58.34 mm
Simonelli 58.34 mm
Slayer 58.3 mm
Synesso 58.5 mm
Unic Stella 57.3 mm
Futuremat 57.2 mm
Wega 58 mm


Click here to view the Puqpress Part Compatibility Chart.

Use this to see if this part is compatible with your Puqpress model.