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Brullen i26 Soft Serve Machine


Color: White

Brullen i26 Soft Serve Machine 

This bad boy is two-flavour

Our i26 is a two flavour, twin-twist system. Meaning two separate flavours dispense on the outside handles. Then in the third, middle dispense handle combines both flavours and creates a beautiful twist product

Different products you can serve

This machine works great with a wide variety of products, including soft serve, gelato, sorbet, acai, vegan mix, coconut soft serve mix, frozen yoghurt and much more

Adjustable product hardness

Adjust the settings to suit your preferred product consistency

Air mix pump

This machine can come in an air mix pump version with stainless steel gears. The pump ensures product texture, quality and high overrun, adjustable to 40% - 80%

Gravity feed

This machine can also come in a gravity feed system. Control valves naturally add air to the mix producing a consistent product texture and high overrun adjustable to 15% to 60%

High-quality scraper blade

High-efficiency scraper blade with double plastic scrapers for a soft and creamy product

Easy code system

Uncomplicated error code display, making machine functions simpler to understand




Two Flavour + Twist


W400 x D630 x H790 (mm)


90 kg


Between 15% – 60%

POWER: 220V/50HZ / 110V/60HZ

Output: 2.68KW

100-200 (*80 GRAM PER SERVE) SERVES*

Per Hour


        Overrun – Gravity Feed Machine with Internal Air Pump 15 - 60% 
        Refrigeration System Independent Twin Twist System (2 x compressors)
        Mix Tank 2 x 6 L
        Scraper Blade Plastic
        Freezing Cylinder Capacity 2 x 1.2 L
        Compressor TECUMSEH – 2 x 1HP
        Refrigerant Type R404A
        Pre-Cooling (Mix Tank) Yes
        Condenser Air
        Dryer Danfoss
        Expansion Valve Danfoss
        Electrical Specifications Volt/Hz 220V/50HZ / 110V/60HZ
        Nominal Power 2.68KW
        Power Outlet/Plug 15 AMP single phase
        Electrical Phase Single Phase
        Operator Menu Soft Touch Screen
        Machine Weight 90kg
        Machine Weight with packaging 105kg
        Cups per Hour 100 - 200 Cups per Hour (*80 gram per Cup)
        Machine Size W x D x H W400 x D630 x H790 (mm)
        Packaging Size W x D x H W450 x D680 x H820 (mm)