Evergreen Coastal Vertical Garden

Evergreen Coastal Vertical Garden

Create an instant nautical ambience with this striking seaside vertical garden. Install is a breeze so you can enjoy this thriving beachy green wall at home or at work. This popular style boasts impressive ocean foliage and tropical-looking textures.

In an afternoon, you can create the coastal environment you crave without ever having to leave your home!

Product Features

  • Panel size 1m x 1m (4x 50cm x 50cm per pack)
  • A lush leafy green look all year round
  • Botanically accurate
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • UV stable
  • Easy to install

The Evergreen Panel is the best quality artificial green wall available, using a wide range of luscious greens to create this dense green wall panel. They are an ideal way to brighten up any area without having to allow for lighting or irrigation systems. No maintenance is required to enjoy your Evergreen Wall.

These panels are situated on a strong painted galvanized metal panel and each plant carefully fixed to the panel. Ideal for homes, offices and retail areas. The Evergreen Panel comes with all the correct fixings and installation guidelines to ensure a seamless and hassle-free installation.

Evergreen Costal Classic

Fire Safe – Our Evergreen Panel has been meticulously tested to the highest Australian standards and awarded a Group 2 fire rating. It's the only certified product of its type in Australia.

Artificial plants mounted on to mesh grid for stability. Panels designed to be fixed to any wall with our custom made fixings. Panels can also be installed on to curved walls for a continuous, seamless finish.

Multiple panels can be joined together to create a giant feature green wall. Each panel is unique to ensure no patterns occur for the most realistic finish.

Evergreen Wall Panel

Various ferns, money plant, liquorice, spider plant, air plant, baby’s breath, think flower & various grasses.


Thick galvanized steel mesh panel powder coated black for minimum visibility. For trimming simply use a set of small bolt cutters or angle grinder for custom shapes.


Our panels are provided with 4 custom designed fixings per panel, these make the application simple and fully secure once on the wall. You will also receive a care pack with provides all the information you need to install your panels. Please ensure this is read carefully prior to installation for an optimum finish.

Evergreen Wall Panel Instructions


900mm x 900mm x 250mm (3ft x 3ft) Designed to fit most standard ceiling heights of 2700mm h, this makes The Evergreen Panel highly versatile for wall application.


Lightweight at 7 kilos per panel, these are easy to handle and don’t require specialist anchors to hold them to walls. The panels can be fixed to virtually any surface, including ceilings, gyprock, concrete or lightweight timber framework.

Evergreen Wall Panel n Office