Evergreen Trellis Red

Evergreen Trellis Red Leaf

Our expandable Ficus Trellis panels are supplied with premium quality foliage. The superior leaf form convincingly imitates actual species of an actual Ficus hedge so you can create and instant garden oasis without any worry. 

The warming greenery will bring a woodland ambience to your wall space and can help to create privacy or be used as an eye-catching foliage feature green wall.

Product Features

  • Expanded size 2 meters x 1 meter
  • Perfect for fences & balconies
  • Expands to different shapes
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • UV stable
  • Easy to install


All our Trellis products are supplied with premium quality foliage. Our foliage convincingly imitates actual species of hedge plants like Ficus and Laurel leaves, matching their foliage exactly in exclusively moulded high-grade plastic.

All the artificial trellis panels are UV stabilized which means they are suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. Being UV stable protects the plants from any discolouration or fading sunlight may cause. Artificial trellis panels are perfect for quick coverage and bringing a botanical feel to your space. If you have any unsightly walls this is a perfect way of screening the area and transforming into a spectacle!


Installation couldn’t be easier. The solid wood lattice frame expands from a compact 50cm x 133cm to cover a generous 2 meters x 1 meter and can be fastened to any support providing ample coverage anywhere. The trellis looks great from the front and rear aspects: both the foliage and the frame are elegantly designed to guarantee an authentic appearance from any angle.

Alternatively, if you need installation please contact us for a quote!

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