Evergreen Moss Wall Panel

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Evergreen Moss Wall Panel

Our moss green wall panels are made from natural moss that's calledstellaris and ishand-picked from the forests ofScandinavia. The moss comes originally in a neutral white colour and is dyedin various colours to use as a decorative product.

We import the moss and our panels are made in Australia ready to use for installation. The results are breathtaking.

Product Features

  • Panel size 30cm x 30cm
  • Made from 100% natural moss
  • Noise cancelling qualities
  • Fire-safe & flameproof
  • Air purification
  • Lightweight & easy to install


Evergreen Moss Wall Panel Office Wall Decoration


The hand-picked moss grows an average 1mm to 3mm by a year, we use a fully matured Caledonia stellaris which is approximately 50 years old with voluminous and beautiful scarcity.

The core technology of Scandia Moss is Green and Eco-Friendly and it no maintenance to enjoy your Green wall with a clean air and water. Also, the technology is processing semi-permanent products so Evergreen Moss removes harmful substances from the air and creates eco-friendly spaces for indoor use only.

Easy to install, the lightweight panels can be glued or screwed to any wall and the moss easily covers any fixing. The panels can be easily cut down to any shape for difficult corners or crevices.

Evergreen Moss Wall Panel Colour

Size – 300mm x 300mm x 80mm

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