Mahlkonig K30 2.0 Coffee Grinder


Mahlkonig K30 2.0 Coffee Grinder

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Product Description

The All New MAHLKÖNIG K30 2.0 Grind-on-Demand Espresso Grinder

The distant future, a one in which robots clean your house and make your breakfast, is getting closer every day with the Mahlkonig K30 2.0 Grinder. Not only can this grinder give you a single quality shot of espresso in two seconds, it can do it with professional consistency that other less evolved grinders can only aspire to. This grinder will fulfil every coffee scientist's dream, with intuitive programming, easy adjustments using the multi-touch display, electronic shot counters...the list goes on.

Features and Functionality

  • Multi-Touch Display: Quick and easy operation and adjustment via the new mutli-touch 4.3” display. 

  • Log File:Thanks to the new mutli-touch display, you can now get easy log displays on the operational status of your grinder; enjoy multiple data fields on coffee consumption, error read-out and much more!

  • Hands-Free Operation: The K30 grinder starts automatically when inserting the portafilter. You can pre-mesure your doses so just leave the handle in the clamp and pick it up when its done.

  • Precision Grinding Discs: Don't sit there and worry about how consistent the grinds will be that come out of this machine, the new K30 2.0 features grinding discs that are made out of wear-resistant steel which won't leave you guessing if your grind consistency is an issue.

  • Stepless Grind Adjustment: Just like the previous K30 and Peak grinders you can very quickly and easily adjust your grind point. It's a proven and efficient method that can even be done one-handed. 

  • Electronic Controller:The K30 2.0 has an all-new electronic controller for exact and consistent dosage every time and now with the new wear resistant grinding discs its even more accurate. 

  • Freshly ground portion grinding directly into the port-a-filter
  • Electronically controlled (timer)
  • Variable programming
  • Grinding time is less than 2 seconds for a single espresso of 7 grams
  • Grinder starts automatically when inserting the port-a-filter
  • Hands-free operation
  • Red-Dot-Design Award 2005
  • Modular build-up
  • Illuminated Multi-touch 4.3" display
  • Different colours and branding on request
  • Hopper adapter for individual barrels available


Model Number K30 2.0
Manufacturer Mahlkonig
Idle Speed 1350 rpm (50 Hz); 1650 rpm (60 Hz)
Grinding Disc Diameter 65 mm / 2.56 in
Grinding Disc Material Special Steel
Average grinding capacity* ca. 4 g / s
Hopper capacity ca. 1500 g
Max. nominal power 850 W
Dimensions (w x h x d) 24 x 57 x 31 cm
Dimensions of packing (w x h x d) 57 x 30 x 37 cm
Net weight 13.5 kg
Gross weight 16.5 kg
Burr Diameter 65mm
Certifications CE, CB, ETL Safety, ETL Sanitation; Additional on request