Nitro Cold Brew Coffee System

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee System

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Product Description

If you’ve ever questioned serving Nitro Coffee at your café, what’s stopped you before?

Was it the fuss with nitrogen bottles, the under-counter set-up, or lack of space?

It’s time to leave those doubts behind and deliver what the market is demanding with the new Nitro Cold Brew Coffee System.

The Nitro Cold Brew Coffee System creates a chilled, smooth and creamy beverage. The patented delivery system takes nitrogen from the air, compresses it through the machine, and mixes it with cold brew coffee. Serving up to 1.2 litres per minute, the Nitro Cold Brew Coffee System chills as it pours, and it’s as easy as pulling a lever.

The best part is, it’s portable. There’s no need for nitrogen bottles or kegs. Forget delivery or storage issues. This system is guaranteed to fit in the tiniest of coffee shops. Simply place it on the counter bench, plug it in, and pour – you’ll make your investment back easily in just a few months. Nitro coffee is a very profitable drink – there’s no milk needed.


  • No need for bulky nitrogen tanks
  • Slimline design to fit neatly on your bench
  • Ready to use in a few minutes
  • Draws from any container of cold brew coffee
  • Adjustable gas levels
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Low service and maintenance requirements
  • Easy to use, move, and clean

If you want to get into nitrogen coffee, this is a great way to start. Better yet, try it for yourself. At Barista Technology we offer free trials and demonstrations for café owners to see the ease of operation for themselves, just contact us to book an appointment. 


Power Supply  230V/50Hz
Material Stainless Steel

40.5cm (D) x 32.5cm (H) x 17cm (W)

plus 14.5cm (D) for the drip tray and 19cm (H) for the handle

Weight 18.5kg
Flow rate 0.6L/min or 1.2L/min (choice of flow rate disc)
Maximum cooling power 5C (+/- 1C)
Liquid volume in dispenser 500ml
Power cord 1.5m length
Hose 1.5m length
Country of Manufacture Germany
Warranty 12 Months