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Precision GS5 Coffee Grinder


Precision GS5 Coffee Grinder

Product Description

The Precision GS5 is the ultimate in home filter grinding. Using large 80mm Ghost burrs made specifically for grinding all types of filter coffees, the GS5 is unique in its price range and size out competing its rivals. With almost zero grind retention due to the vertical alignment of the cutting burrs, beans pass directly through the burrs ending up in your catcher moments later.

Using vertically aligned flat burrs also offers a consistent particle grind size resulting in a superior extraction and flavour.The grind size can be micro-metrically adjusted using the knob on the front of the grinder.

Ideal for: Cafe’s with a strong filter coffee service or want an option for grinding retail beans. Home Filter brewers looking for the edge on their brewing.




Stepless grind adjustment — Micro-metrically changing the grind as you need to adjust the time and flow of the espresso.

Largest Flat Burr at 80mm — Grinding with Flat Burrs creates a more consistent particle size resulting in a cleaner and sweeter cup of coffee. Perfect for a filter.

Dosing Cup — Grind into the cup and easily flip into your portafilter to minimise waste.



        Model Number GS5
        Manufacturer Precision
        Motor 150 W
        Bean Hopper Capacity 150g
        Adjustment Configuration Stepless - Infinite Settings
        Dimensions (w x h x d) 130 × 385 × 210 mm
        Grinder Material Hardened Steel
        Burr Diameter Ghost | 80mm Filter
        Net Weight