Sanremo F18 Espresso Coffee Machine

Sanremo F18 Espresso Coffee Machine


Outstanding mid-market machine

Designed for medium to high volume coffee venues, the F18 is a top-performing multi boiler machine with great steam performance and next-generation technology providing intuitive programming and features that improve both performance and energy efficiency (SEEM).



Designed with baristas in mind

Real-time temperature display, easy programmability for dialling in your recipes and a digital control interface provides all the information you need.

Low profile design – engage with your customers

The F18s unique angular design has a low profile allowing baristas to interact with customers and engage with them whilst making an amazing cup of coffee.


Advanced Steam Functionality

The quarter-turn steam valves and ‘Cool Touch’ wands mean baristas can give 100% to focussing on their latte art without worrying about the risk of burns.


Additional Features
  • Multi-boiler 316L highly polished stainless steel coffee boilers, copper steam boiler
  • Soft Pre-infusion
  • Independent P.I.D temperature controlled group heads
  • E61 group heads
  • Cool touch wands
  • High performance steam pressure
  • Diagnostics / preventative alarm system
  • Cup clearance - Tall
  • Water spill channel around cup tray
  • Electronic heat cup tray
  • Multi-function touch interface
  • Easy volumetric programming
  • Individual group head shot timers
  • Automatic cleaning cycle



Model 2 Group 3 Group
902 mm
1057 mm
646 mm
646 mm
526 mm
526 mm
Cup Clearance  adjustable adjustable
Power Input
5.4 KW
6.1 KW
Voltage / Amp
220/240 1N
380/415 3N
220/240 1N
380/415 3N
Boiler Capacity
1 ltr
1.5 ltr
Steam Boiler Capacity
8.6 ltr 10 ltr
Net Weight 97 kg
120 kg