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Tech Bar Modular Espresso Machine


Tech Bar Modular Espresso Machine 

Product Description

Tech Bar is the latest development that combines sleek elegant design with modern technology to produce a revolutionary new coffee platform. The unique patented design was developed with customer interaction and engagement in mind. Tech bar is a modular and expandable unit that allows you to expand your capacity without having to upgrade your coffee machine. It is modular which means it is customisable and able to be designed to fit in most spaces, even those where a traditional machine could not fit.


  • Australian Designed, Italian Crafted
    Australian Innovation built on Italian technology. Bringing together the best of both worlds. Modern and sleek design. Increasing customer engagement, exceeding the expectations of Australia’s coffee culture.

  • Modular System
    Through creating a modular system you can customise the Tech-Bar to suit your requirements, grow and expand as your requirements change, without upgrading your machine.

  • Enriching the Extraction
    Tech-Bar is the worlds first multi boiler design which allows the oxygen to remain in the water, optimising the taste of coffee each and every time.

  • Latest Touch Screen Technology
    The latest touch screen technology. Tech-Bar allows you to manage the temperature of the group, coffee dose, adjustment and the infusion time in real time.

  • Space Saving
    Bringing the theatre back to your cafe through a modern and innovative design that frees up bench space, increasing productivity and standing out from the crowd.

  • Easy to Service
    Servicing the machine is more efficient on the Tech-Bar reducing downtime.

  • Control Everything
    Manage the brewing temperature control on each group independently, with accuracy and rapidity never achieved before.

  • Perfect Hot Water
    Our pre-heater allows us to directly take water from the main water supply and bring it to the optimal temperature, resulting in hot water of the best quality.

  • Reduction in Limestone Formation
    The thermal management system allows for a very limited limestone formation.

  • Customisable
    Colours and finishes are completely customisable to align with your brand.

  • Increased ProductivityIncreased Productivity By increasing productivity results in greater profits to your business.



Model 5 Litre Boiler Capacity 10 Litre Boiler Capacity 15 Litre Boiler Capacity
Voltage 240v 240v 240v
Element 2400w 4000w 6000w
20A 25A
Height 400mm 400mm 400mm
Width 280mm 540mm 740mm
Depth 280mm 280mm 280mm
Net Weight 12kg 20kg 25kg


Download Specifications Sheet